Allied Standard Brands

Fran Barnes has recently been assigned her own territory with Allied Standard Brands, a distributor of products which are purchased by independent grocery stores. This position requires that she maintain a good relationship with store managers in her territory. She is to visit each account on a regular basis; a store manager should be able to anticipate a visit at approximately the same time on the same day each and every week. Her duties include that she check with the store manager when she arrives, that she check shelf and store room stocks, that she inform the manager of upcoming consumer advertising campaigns by her company, that she make order suggestions to the manager based on stock levels and her company advertising, and that she place weekly product orders for the manager.

Twenty five stores are in this territory. Fran should, therefore, try to route her sales calls such that she can visit five stores per day and travels about the same distance each day. She has found a house for sale near the geographical center of the territory and now wants to make sure that it is reasonably situated with respect to routing her sales calls. A map of the area is below, with the house located at the upper tip of the triangle and each account plotted with a red dot.



Allied Standard Brands
Spoon Lake County Territory

Print this map and use a pen to draw Fran's route for each day of the week.
(Do this BEFORE you sneak a look at the answer!)

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