10% of course grade

Read the Delta case at the end of Part 1 of Gido & Clements and answer the first three questions on page 80.  Your answers are expected to be comprehensive in using the sorts of issues and ideas that have been discussed in class (including the supplemental Web notes) and in the first six chapters of the textbook.

Note that this is an individual project. Although it is expected that students have been discussing the readings and other course related issues outside of class, the final written exam document should be your own individual work.  You should not be attempting to "core dump" on an exam such as this. That is, do not attempt to confuse your answer with everything that you have learned: just answer the question that is asked. Your answer should, however, be based substantially on the sorts of issues that have been part of class discussions, hand-outs, and assigned readings; your answer will be marked on the depth of substance with respect to issues associated with this class.

In answering these questions, you MUST adhere to the following rules:

  1. Do NOT submit your name with the exam. Instead, identify your exam with a fictitious name. Your exam will be blind graded and returned in exchange for a separate cover page which lists your real name and fictitious name.
  2. Your answer must be typed: double space, one-inch margins. Use a standard size and style of font - e.g., 12-point Courier, Times, etc.
  3. Use plain white paper with a staple in the top left corner; no report folders.
  4. Scoring is based substantially on substance and clarity; printing with an old dot-matrix printer on fan-fold paper is acceptable. Errors of grammar, spelling, typing, etc., however, are not acceptable.
  5. Type the question number and the first line of the question above each answer.
  6. Start a new question on the page wherever the last one ends (i.e., do not leave any white space by starting a new question on a new page).
  7. Limit the entire text of the exam to THREE pages in length. The length of each individual answer may vary, but the entire submission must not exceed THREE pages of text in length.