• a defined sequence of tasks
  • with a beginning and an end
  • directed toward a goal
  • within established parameters
Goal: the outcome of a project.  E.g., complete construction of a house. 

Tasks: the sequence of steps that are required to complete a project.  E.g., frame the walls, install the windows, landscape the site. 

Parameters: constraints; variables that are specified.  E.g., costs, resources, time, quality. 

Resources: people, equipment, facilities, etc. 

Milestone: an event or condition that marks the completion of a group of related tasks.  E.g., external shell on the house is complete. 

Critical task: a task that would cause delay in the completion of the project if the task is delayed.  E.g., drywall cannot be installed if electric wiring is not yet inspected. 

Critical path: a sequence of critical tasks.