Executive Summary
due: in class, Finals Week (or before)
20% of course grade

You are to write an executive summary that could be the first few pages of a longer summary document associated with the A226 project.  Your report should be a summary of how the A226 project was implemented with respect to project management.  Rather than a two page report and an oral presentation, you will only be submitting this three page report. 

Note that this is an individual project. Although it is expected that students have been discussing the readings and other course related issues outside of class, the final written exam document should be your own individual work. 

In submitting this report, you MUST adhere to the following rules: 

  1. Submit the report with your REAL name on a cover page.

  3. Your report must be typed: double space, one-inch margins. Use a standard size and style of font - e.g., 12-point Courier, Times, etc.

  5. Use plain white paper with a staple in the top left corner; no report folders.

  7. Scoring is based substantially on substance and clarity; printing with an old dot-matrix printer on fan-fold paper is acceptable. Errors of grammar, spelling, typing, etc., however, are not acceptable.

  9. Limit the entire text of the report to THREE pages in length. 

  11. The report must at least include the following issues: 
  1. Introduction and Overview
    • problem identification
    • objective of the organization
    • objective of the report

  2. Situation Analysis 
    • organization strengths and weaknesses 
    • portfolio analysis
    • organization resources and competencies
    • environment opportunities and threats
    • competitive forces
    • technology

  3. Strategy and Implementation 
    • strategy for reaching objectives 
    • implementation of strategy