Presentation Evaluation

Team presenter: ______________________________ 

Other team members: 

Summarize the team's statement of problem: 

Summarize the team's solution: 

_____ Problem Identification:
Is it clear?  Is it reasonable for this situation?  Does it cover the sorts of issues raised in the questions of the case? 
_____ Solution:
Does it answer the problem identified by this team? Is it clear?  Is it as brief as possible?  Does it reasonably answer the questions of the case given our time and space constraints? 
_____ Written Presentation:
Is it well organized?  Is it clear of problems of grammar, sentence structure, spelling, etc.? 
_____ Oral Presentation:
Was it well organized?  Was it professional in appearance? 

All things considered, what overall score would you give this team? 




To receive a score in the "A" range, both the presentation and the written report must together be considered by the professor to be "good enough for the real world."  A score in the "B" range will be assigned to presentations and reports that have minor problems, such as the need for clarification in a statement of problem.  Lower scores will be assigned to reports and presentations which have problems that are not so minor, such as an inability of the group to adequately clarify a statement of problem during questions associated with the presentation. 

The report and presentation should attempt to address all of the issues raised in the questions of the case, but need not answer them individually.  These should be structured such that each begins with a statement of problem (i.e., what needs to be solved), and then presents a solution that includes the issues of the case questions.  The report and the presentation must each be able to stand alone, but they must be integrated in a way that they compliment each other.